What a mess!!! My Air conditioning unit malfunctioned in the attic and caused ceiling and wall damage—water was everywhere and then the smell!!! My air conditioning company said my air conditioning system froze up due to the low refrigerant in the system. I had to pay for 2 service calls and my homeowners insurance did not cover the damages caused by the freeze up.

I asked the technician if there was something I could have put on so it does not freeze up again. He mentioned that he would install the No Freeze Control and he explained the importance of the device. I feel much better now that won’t have to go through this terrible mess again.

Cathy Home Owner

I had an air conditioning technician out to service my system today. My system has not been cooling or blowing air. I noticed water on my hardwood floors and my system is in the closet near the living room. The technician said my blower motor is seized and needs replacing and that’s why the system froze up. The damage was significant $5,000 for the repairs and $20,000 to replace the floors, all out of pocket!!!

There had to be a way to prevent this from happening in the future…and there was. The No Freeze Control unit!! I researched online and found this website and told my air condition company I would like them to install the No Freeze Control on my system. Peace of mind was a lot less expensive than a $25,000 repair!!

James Home Owner

I manage multiple buildings and all of our systems are on the roof. Every time one freezes up, it costs us lots of money in returning service calls and water damages. My AC contractor told me about this No Freeze Control and so far it has saved me thousands of dollars in service fees and even more by avoiding property damage I have them installed them in every one of my properties on all my AC systems. I highly recommend this product!

Jonathan Business Owner

I’m responsible for all the service and maintenance work at 3 large condo buildings. I have come across a major issue with all of these ac systems. When the freeze up occurs, if not caught right away, water from the AC system cascades into the apartments below it can cause major damage to multiple floors—creating a huge problem. It can cost tens of thousands in repairs and paying hotel bills for displaced tenants. My air conditioning contractor recommended we install No Freeze Control on all of our systems. Thanks No Freeze Control for making my life less stressful!!!

Tom Building Engineer